The WolfPack

The WolfPack


The WolfPack is our tennis ball subscription service where you can have either 2 or 4 tubes of our Championship Balls delivered to you, on the first working day of every month.


All of our tubes are 4 ball tubes meaning you can receive either 8 or 16 balls each month depending on your playing frequency.


Tech Specs


  • Market Leading 57% wool content

  • Rebounce: 138-147cm

  • Size: 66-68mm

  • Deformation: 0.230-0.250inch

  • Weight: 56-59.4g

  • Meets ITF specifications

Price Options
The WolfPack
€5.50monthly/ 12 months
  • Delivery Info

    Delivery to Dublin - €2.99

    Delivery to the rest of Ireland - €4.99