About US

WOLFTENNIS Limited is an Irish incorporated Company (Company No. 685127) operating online. We are 100% Irish owned. 


Tennis and Golf were two sports that did quite well during the pandemic. The sports naturally embrace social distancing. The problem with tennis however is that the supply of balls comes from Thailand and China and Chinese owned companies, like Wilson, prioritised larger markets when it came to distributing stock. This left Ireland in the midst of a shortage of tennis balls and something we’re looking to fix going forward.

The Irish do quite well at most sports, and we’re one of the great overachievers. We’ve had major champions in golf, world champions in rowing and boxing and our rugby team can mix it with the best. In recent years though, tennis seems to have eluded us. This wasn’t always the case. Over a hundred years ago, Ireland ruled the tennis world by way of a man named James Cecil Parke from  Monaghan. Parke won the Australian Open, the Davis Cup and mixed doubles at Wimbledon.

In determining our name we’ve also considered Ireland’s past. The wolf once ruled the Irish countryside and has an integral part in Irish culture. The Cromwellian era in Ireland saw the last wolf killed in 1786.


Tennis ball manufacturing is something that Ireland used to do well. Global ball manufacturer, Penn, used to make 80,000 balls a day in Mullingar before pulling out in 2004 to move to Asia. Likewise, Tretorn, another global ball brand, left Portlaoise in 2004. WOLFTENNIS wants to bring some of this process back to Ireland. 57% of the felt on our balls is wool and wouldn’t it be great if this was Irish wool.

WOLFTENNIS is committed to growing Irish tennis. A proportion of our profits will go to supporting grass roots Irish tennis through sponsorships and donations. Our hope is that one day, we’ll rule the world of tennis once more and be the proud home to a major champion.